Brand Introduction (EN)

Brand Introduction

MINTROCKET is a separate sub-brand of NEXON, bringing creative and inspiring games worldwide

Our Story

Our relentless focus is on the enjoyment of the gameplay.
There are hundreds of things to consider when creating a game.
However, the single most important thing is the fun.
We boldly put aside the old conventions once considered the standards of success and decided to stick tenaciously to focusing on the 'fun' of a game.
We believe the answer lies within the heart of gamers who just enjoy games.
What is the essence of fun that gamers are really looking for?
We are constantly asking questions, exploring, and searching for the right answers. So we will do all we can to bring an immersive experience into a game that makes it really worth playing.
We challenge conventions without fear of failure and never give up as we seek to pave a new path forward.
This new project of ours is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Our Core Values

The Brand Personality

The challenge of the new era
The brand puts distinctive ideas into action. It takes on a variety of challenges to discover unique game features that have never been done before. We are asking questions, exploring, and searching for the right answers to what is the essence of fun that gamers want.
The value of user enjoyment
The primary value of "MINTROCKET" is 'user enjoyment'. As the top priority, "MINTROCKET" attempts to bring an immersive experience into a game, which is a key element of the decision-making process. We introduce new and exciting games of various genres and aim to improve quickly by utilizing user communication.
Open development environment
"MINTROCKET" aims for a bottom-up development process, not top-down, placing a priority on various types of enjoyment and creativity. The inspiring and energetic independent teams are developing a variety of genres of games without putting a limit on the fun. We improve the quality of games through a series of tests to respond to market changes and customer needs.

Our games


DAVE THE DIVER’ is a hybrid marine adventure set in a mysterious blue hole.
Attractive 2D/3D Art The beautiful sea setting combines a mix of 2D and 3D,
Deep-sea Exploration Players can explore the mysterious Blue Hole filled with a beautiful sea full of numerous fish species and giant creatures where the ecology and topography are constantly changing.
Restaurant Management You finance the shop by capturing fish and cooking them.
In this multi-genre game, the game provides a sense of full and varied gameplay.
The first demo on Steam: Steam Next Fest June 2022
Early Access Launch (Steam) on 27 Oct 2022
Full Release (Steam) on 28 Jun 2023
Nintendo Switch Version on 26 Oct 2023
PlayStation (PS4 | PS5) version in Apr 2024
Godzilla Collaboration DLC in May 20


Top-Down Perspective Team-based Action Combat
Wakerunners is a 4v4 & 5v5 team action game set in a near-future Earth, now a relic of its past. Players can glide through arenas with a top-down view, employing a unique speed mechanic. Each character has unique attack styles, movement techniques, and Ultimate Abilities. Choosing varied playstyles for different characters will be the key to victory.
Steam Playtest in Feb 2024


A Third-Person Loot-Extraction Survival multiplayer game
for PC that aims to extract and survive from where its unique zombie apocalypse concepts set in.


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